Products and services by The FoamLine Group focus on business growth of our partners, to the benefit of consumers and improvement of the quality of their life. Flexible polyurethane foams by The FoamLine Group are successfully used in furniture trade, aerospace industry, automobile industry and defense industry, shipbuilding, in health care services and agricultural sector. Over 120 million people use in everyday life products that include polyurethane foams by The FoamLine Group.


Research and development of new types of polyurethane foams has been the foundation of the innovation strategy ofThe FoamLine Group. Our R&D work is based on modern innovative world technologies and we cooperate with the leading international and domestic corporations in the field of high-tech materials and health care: BAYER, BASF, DOW, Huntsman, OJSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim", and others.


The FoamLine Group is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane foam in Russia. We hold a leading position due to the use of the most advanced production technologies and the quality of our products that bring benefit to people and profit to our partners. Our core values: understanding of consumers’ needs, respect in relation to partners, the company's growth through innovations and a desire to be the best in the field.


The FoamLine Group provides comprehensive customer support services (contour cutting, shape cutting, punching, etc.). Thanks to our experience and unique production possibilities, all your needs can be satisfied by our team of engineers and technologists. We will help you choose and produce for you the product with the best combination of size, density, flexibility and cost. Increase the effectiveness of your business with us!

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