Rolled foam

Rolled foam

Rolled PU-foam is widely applied in mattresses manufacturing, automobile industry, light and shoe industry. Compared to sheet foam the rolled material is more effective with considerably lower amount of waste resulting from cutting operations. This allows to optimize the ready-product manufacturing expenses.


Products* certified in accordance with European foams safety standards CertiPUR® * Foams produced at
Roshal and Saint Petersburg factories.


Rolled PU-foam comes as a linen 100-300 meters long and 1.8-30 mm long. Any type of flexible PU-foam can be produced as a long-length linen 1400mm – 2400mm wide. Rolled PU-foam can be delivered to a Client in a compressed form. A 5 mm linen can be compressed in 1.5 times, for example, from 850 mm down to 600 mm. Extended length rolls (plus 20%-30%) are available upon Client’s order.


  • Mattresses manufacturing. Used in casing quilting improving mattress comfort properties.

  • Automobile industry. Used as a flame laminated material for car interior covering, seats and car seat casings. Special foams are used to produce flame laminated materials for automobile industry. In Russia and CIS FoamLine remains the only Company to produce polyester-based rolled PU-foam suitable for above applications.

  • Leather and light industry. Applied in double- and triple-ply flame lamination of textile, leather and other elastic materials used to produce clothes and shoes.

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