Foam sheets

Foam sheets

SSheet of a regular geometric shape is the most widespread foam product. Any-size sheets are produced in accordance with Client’s order. Main application fields are – furniture, mattresses, packaging.


Products* certified in accordance with European foams safety standards CertiPUR® * Foams produced at
Roshal and Saint Petersburg factories.


Foam sheets are cut from short-blocks.

Vertical cutting machine removes the end face of the block, then the cutting is done by a carousel cutting machine or horizontal splitting machine. Nonstandard size sheets are cut only at vertical cutting machines. Once sheets are cut a special machine winds them into a roll 200 mm high. Sheets with thickness over 100 mm are winded one sheet per roll. It is also possible to pack the sheets into a pile up to 350 mm depending on sheets thickness.

Sheet products type

  • Standard sizes

Standard sheet size: width ≥ 600 mm, thickness ≥ 10 mm. During following production sheets are cut, bonded and fitted to match the final product parameters.

  • Nonstandard sizes

Nonstandard size sheets are need to produce some parts of the furniture or other specific items. A sheet with length, width and thickness below 2000 x 6000 x 10 mm is considered a nonstandard size sheet. Since cutting of nonstandard sheets takes more time, an extra charge is applied to a specific geometry sheet cutting. However, usage of nonstandard size PU sheets compensates this markup allows avoiding additional cutting, bonding and fitting operations what speeds up the final item production.

  • Profiled PU foam

Profiled foam is a PU foam sheet with a 3-D surface relief. Profiled foam sheets are cut at convoluting machines with profiled rollers. Sheet profile depends on roller’s profile. Profiled sheets are stacked into piles. Sheets with width and length < 2000 mm, thickness > 30 mm < 120 mm fit for profiling.

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