Contour-cut items

Contour-cut items

“FoamLine” factories also produce foam contour-cut parts. Such parts are mainly applied in furniture manufacturing as a material for seats, backs, armrests and multi-zone mattresses.


Products* certified in accordance with European foams safety standards CertiPUR® * Foams produced at
Roshal and Saint Petersburg factories.


Contour-cutting is done by computerized control high-precision machines. Items of any shape are cut in accordance with a drawing. Cutting is done on the surface: it allows to get rectangular, cylindrical, or optional 2-D forms.


Main advantages of using CNC parts instead of sheets:

  • Efficiency. No material waste in cutting and jointing operations at furniture manufacturing facilities.
  • Easy-to-make. You get a complex contour ready part that can be used without any following treatment what eliminates any additional expenses in manufacturing process.

Modern couches usually come with pillows in zipper-covers allowing to take the cover off and launder it.
CNC foam seatings enable this option.

Price calculation

Final CNC item price depends on the quantity of parts cut from foam block and cutting complexity index.
Cutting price is individually calculated using the following formula:

Contour-cut item price = Sheet price per kg X short block weight
Items qty X complexity index

Cutting time determines the complexity coefficient:

Cutting time Complexity coefficient
less than 15min 5%
15 – 30 min 10%
30 – 60 min 20%
Over 60 min Complexity based individual price

Expand your business together with FoamLine. We contour cut parts of any complexity in a short period of time.

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