Using of block foam allows manufacturers to reduce the amount of waste during cutting process in furniture and mattresses production. Using block foam also ensures fast cutting of all-size sheets and contour parts. Side and bottom crust is perfectly suitable for furniture packaging.


Products* certified in accordance with European foams safety standards CertiPUR® * Foams produced at
Roshal and Saint Petersburg factories.


There are two methods of foam production: continuous and discontinuous.

FoamLine factories produce foam using the continuous method.

Our factories are equipped with most up-to-date «QFM» automatic foaming lines, including “HENNECKE” machines (Germany) – the World leader in block foam manufacturing.

This method involves mixing of components under high pressure with following feeding to moving conveyor. Continuous foaming is the most progressive method applied to produce a stable quality foam blocks.

Continuous technology advantages:

  • Block structure homogeneity;
  • No considerable deviations in density and compression set;
  • Stable quality from batch to batch.

Short block – a product resulting from the first stage of treatment of a long block produced at the continuous foaming machine. Standard block size: 2000*1600*1200


In order to reduce logistics expenses short blocks get compressed after 4-5 days of curing. This can be done either by winding-up a single block into a roll or by stacking several blocks into a pile from 4 to 9 blocks depending on foam type. Compressed block requires about 3 hours to recover upon delivery to the Client.

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