Contour-cut items

“FoamLine” factories also produce foam contour-cut parts. Such parts are mainly applied in furniture manufacturing as a material for seats, backs, armrests and multi-zone mattresses.

Shaped items

Shaped PU-foam – this is one of the ways to get foam products with certain dimensions and shape. Apart from different production technology, this material has higher density characteristics.

Rolled foam

Rolled PU-foam is widely applied in mattresses manufacturing, automobile industry, light and shoe industry. Compared to sheet foam the rolled material is more effective with considerably lower amount of waste resulting from cutting operations. This allows to optimize the ready-product manufacturing expenses.

Foam sheets

SSheet of a regular geometric shape is the most widespread foam product. Any-size sheets are produced in accordance with Client’s order. Main application fields are – furniture, mattresses, packaging.


Using of block foam allows manufacturers to reduce the amount of waste during cutting process in furniture and mattresses production. Using block foam also ensures fast cutting of all-size sheets and contour parts. Side and bottom crust is perfectly suitable for furniture packaging.

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