Acoustic foam

Acoustic foam
Acoustic foam

Being light and at the same time open cell material PU foam can be successfully applied for noise-absorbing and soundproofing. Friction against foam structure transforms the sound wave vibrational energy into heat energy.


Products* certified in accordance with European foams safety standards CertiPUR® * Foams produced at
Roshal and Saint Petersburg factories.


Open cell and “serpiginous” structure of the foam ensures considerably higher (several times) absorption of acoustic energy compared to close-cell foam materials such as polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene foam.
Our factories are the only ones in Russia to produce the polyester-based foam which shows best results (due to high tortuosity foam structure) in absorbing a wide range of frequencies.Low- and mid-range frequencies are best absorbed by memory foam.


  • Some facilities require better soundproofing than regular residential or nonresidential premises. For example radio, TV or movie studios, theater and cinema halls (including home cinema), night clubs, discos, recording studios, schools, gyms and offices (conference halls and meeting rooms).
  • Such premises require to observe a balance between absorption and reflection, not being over resonant or damp, keeping the natural sound spectrum. At the same time modern audio systems have a very wide frequency range and intensity.
  • Required sound balance can be ensured by wide range of noise-absorbing materials based on acoustic PU foam.
  • To simplify the installation all soundproofing materials can be supplied with adhesive layer and cut in certain shape upon request.

Application fields

  • Sheet and profile foam with any shape surface with 15+ mm thickness. Serves the 200+Hz range.
  • Block PU foam bass-traps in various shapes and sizes suitable for a client as interior decorative elements. Serve the sound range from 20 Hz and above.
  • Acoustic “wallpaper” made of 5-15mm thick PU foam doubled with sonolucent cloth. Serves 500+Hz range

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