Sponge colored foam

Sponge foam is wide spread mainly because it is applied in everyday life of any person.

Rebonded foam (RBD)

Rebonded foam – high-density (above 60 kg/m³) material applied where strong endurance is required: vibration and heat isolation, sporting mats, soundproofing.

Double and triple flame lamination

Foam-based laminated products are direct flame bonded multilayer materials with special type of foam being an adhesive agent and bearing material.

Antistatic Foam

Antistatic PU foam is based on standard foams AST (ST 2336 AST) and applied in the areas where static electricity accumulation is unwanted.

Acoustic foam

Being light and at the same time open cell material PU foam can be successfully applied for noise-absorbing and soundproofing. Friction against foam structure transforms the sound wave vibrational energy into heat energy.

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