Latex Like

Latex Like: A worthy alternative to natural latex

The durable and hypoallergenic Latex Like foam has unparalleled advantages over natural latex materials. It is able to withstand high pressure and restore the shape, it is odorless and ensures good air circulation.


Products* certified in accordance with European foams safety standards CertiPUR® * Foams produced at
Roshal and Saint Petersburg factories.

The foam, like the HR-materials, possesses all the necessary properties to create optimal sleep conditions. Thanks to its better-quality characteristics, the foam is resistant to the destructive effects of external factors such as temperature, storage conditions and intensive operation.

Latex Like is used as an upper comfort layer or middle intermediate layer in mattresses and filling for pillows..


  • Very high density and low stiffness provide high comfort and good support at strong deformations.
  • Open-cell structure (the natural latex foam has, as a rule, a closed-cell structure).
  • the cell is tiny, ensuring velvet-like and smooth–to-touch surface.
  • Good performance characteristics: low residual deformation and a slight loss of stiffness during the use.
  • fully hypoallergenic
  • More durable, not susceptible to external destructive factors.
  • permits the manufacture of contour products.
  • a much more affordable price with better quality characteristics in comparison with natural latex foams.

Good air permeability
Good air permeability
For orthopedic products
For orthopedic products
Grade Apparent density, kg/m3, GOST 409-77 (ISO 845) Compressive stress (40% deformation), kPa, GOST 26605-93 (ISO 3386) Breaking elongation, min %, GOST 29088-91 (ISO 1798) Tensile stress at break, min KPa, GOST 29088-91 (ISO 1798) Permanent deformation (22 hrs, 70 ºC, 50%), %, GOST 29089-9 (ISO 1856) Application area







A highly comfortable top softening layer in upholstery and anatomic mattresses sustaining a load of up to 140 kg. Service life up to 12 years

* Physical properties at the table above are based on statistical data from all Foamline factories, when 98% of batches produced matched these ranges. Every plant possess its own product technical conditions, where allowances are wider than mentioned at the table. The customer has the right to put the requirements to the contract that would describe desired properties and allowances. In controversial cases, the product testing methods must be aligned with the methods appointed in technical conditions documents.

Foam color – natural, ivory

слоновая кость

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