Smart Foams

Silver Ion

Silver ions containing foam: Reliable antibacterial protection

The main distinguishing feature of the foam with addition of silver ions consists in its disinfecting and bactericidal properties as well as its antiseptic power. Protective impregnation prevents the penetration of microbes into the sleeper's body and facilitates the cleansing of the upper respiratory tract.

Memory Gel

Memory Gel: No gram of excess heat for a good sleep

The cooling Memory Gel foam has the ability to carry away the excess heat generated by the sleeper's body. This shape memory foam adapts to the sleeper's body curves and ideally dampens vibrations.

Latex Like

Latex Like: A worthy alternative to natural latex

The durable and hypoallergenic Latex Like foam has unparalleled advantages over natural latex materials. It is able to withstand high pressure and restore the shape, it is odorless and ensures good air circulation.


Breeze: Thermal comfort and optimal elasticity

The viscoelastic and thermal control marble foam provides high air permeability and breathable properties. Thanks to the shape memory effect, the material provides the mattress with the ability to perfectly match the contours of the sleeper's body.

Sky Foam

Sky Foam: A favorable microclimate for ideal sleep

The ultra-soft breathable foam Sky Foam with slight cooling effect has a special thermal conductivity and express anatomic properties. It gives a feeling of softness during sleep and at the same time maintains the optimal position of the sleeper's body and adapts to it..

Cool Flow

Cool Flow™ is a new generation of viscoelastic foam. This hi-tech material provides thermal control features, better static and dynamic strength characteristics, memory effect, air permeability and durability.


Energex: Maximum comfortable sleep

The unique highly ergonomic and thermal control foam Energex ™ quickly adapts to sleeper's individual needs so that one can have comfortable and sound sleep. The material matches the anatomic curves of the sleeper's body and responds to its heat.

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