Standard flexible foam ST

Standard foam (ST) is most widespread and affordable group of foam. ST foam is notable for wide density and hardness range and has no analogs price/quality-wise.

Поролон мебельный

Soft and hyper-soft foams (S–HS)

Soft foam – group of foams with wide range of density but with lower (comparing to standard foam types) hardness. Soft foam is used in comfortable furniture with low bearing capacity. This group of foams has higher comfort properties compared to the foam with standard hardness.

Foam with high bearing capacity (EL–HL)

Enhanced hardness foam is the type of foam with high baring capacity. EL and HL foam is used to produce furniture parts meant for high loads and also applied in manufacturing of mattresses with increased hardness.

Самая инновационная пена в мире - Energex

Due to its unique properties, polyurethane foam became one of the most popular materials used in various industries. Furniture production is the sphere where polyurethane foam has most wide and multi-purpose application. It is the best material for sofas, chairs and armchairs.

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