Standard flexible foam ST

Standard foam (ST) is most widespread and affordable group of foam. ST foam is notable for wide density and hardness range and has no analogs price/quality-wise.

Поролон мебельный

Soft and hyper-soft foams (S–HS)

Soft foam – group of foams with wide range of density but with lower (comparing to standard foam types) hardness. Soft foam is used in comfortable furniture with low bearing capacity. This group of foams has higher comfort properties compared to the foam with standard hardness.

Foam with high bearing capacity (EL–HL)

Enhanced hardness foam is the type of foam with high baring capacity. EL and HL foam is used to produce furniture parts meant for high loads and also applied in manufacturing of mattresses with increased hardness.

High-resilience foam HR

HR-foam has special comfort properties and advanced flexibility. As opposed to standard foam the structure of HR-foam is heterogeneous, the cells are of different size and differently react to the applied load. When the load is low only the small cells react, what matches the reaction of soft foam. As the load rises the bigger cells with higher resistance begin to work. This gives the marvelous comfort feeling and provides the correct anatomical body support.

Memory foam LR

Memory foam is a special group of foams able to evenly distribute surface pressure at human’s body during sleep. Memory foam has no response pressure at muscles and joints what stimulates blood circulation and cells oxygenation.

Latex-Like foam LL

Latex Like foam is the good alternative to latex which is considered to be the most comfortable furniture filler material. Latex like is high-flexible foam with fine cell structure. LL foam has a number of advantages compared to foam with natural latex and the comfort properties are even.

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