Thin mattress or toppers allow solving lots of issues related to providing a bed with additional comfort properties and individuality. Topper can be used either as an additional comfort layer in mattress or as a couch mattress.

It’s a perfect solution for those who have failed choosing a mattress. A thin inexpensive mattress will ensure the required hardness level. Since toppers come in different sizes – double-bed and single-bed sizes – it is possible to select an individual topper for each family member.

A special consideration in FoamLine catalogue is given to the toppers with memory effect core. Such models provide a bed with special comfort and softness due to topper’s material which evenly distributes the load reducing on-body return pressure.

FoamLine product line also includes toppers with unique foam cores which combine memory effect with cooling effect which is ensured by gel grains insertions in foam composition.

We offer 5 topper models with different comfort and hardness level:

  • Comfort Cool high-comfort model with a core made of memory foam with cooling gel insertions. Hardness level - low.

  • Comfort Opti high-comfort model with a core made of latex-like foam. Hardness level – medium.

  • Comfort Super high-comfort model with a core made of memory foam. Hardness level - low.

  • Comfort Hard topper with EL foam core. Hardness level – high.

  • Comfort Soft topper with HS foam core. Hardness level - low.

Different shape and thickness core toppers can be manufactured upon Client’s request. Call FoamLine Client service and we’ll provide your company with optimum properties and price solutions. 

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