Healthy spine and joints are very important. To ensure child’s comfortable sleep and correct posture furniture manufacturers should pay special attention to the quality of kids’ mattresses.

Studying world mattresses manufacturers experience our engineers have designed several collections of cores for kids’ mattresses.

Kids mattresses cores are known for the following advantages:

  • Perfect body support. Models made of middle hardness flexible foam decrease load on a body and ensure comfortable sleep to a child.

  • Good air circulation. Upper surface of a mattress has a special contour and small air channels which ensure enough air circulation and allow keeping the furniture clean and fresh.

  • Hypoallergicity. FoamLine’s mattresses cores are completely safe for kids and adults as well as for the environment. All fillers meet the VOC requirements for enclosed spaces. Quality of the materials produced at Roshal and Saint Petersburg factories is confirmed by CertiPUR. Kids’ mattresses foam is manufactured without usage of ozone-depleting components, flame retardants based on bromine, mercury, lead and other heavy metals. No formaldehydes and harmful phthalates are used as raw material.

  • Mould, mites and microbe prevention. Child bed material open-cell structure ensures good drainage preventing moisture collection inside mattress. FoamLine’s mattress core structure and composition eliminate mould and insects inside a mattress.

Individual mattress core can be produced in accordance with Client’s specification or drawings.

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