With massage effect

With massage effect

Available sizes:
390 x 700 mm, height 120 mm
400 х 600 mm, height 120 mm

Other sizes supplied as per individual order.


Products* certified in accordance with European foams safety standards CertiPUR® * Foams produced at
Roshal and Saint Petersburg factories.

Orthopedic pillows with massage effect are manufactured applying “PU-foam molding” technology only, using HR or memory foam.

Ability to manufacture any-complexity shape item is the main feature of this technology. You can choose anatomical* shape pillows from our standard production range or you can order a special pillow production based on individual drawings.

Massage effect pillows have a small deepening in the middle creating uniform-sized rolls on sides. A special 3-D form cut in the center of the deepening slightly massages your head while you are asleep.

Small rolls ensure proper head and neck support relieving neck and improving blood circulation.

Massage effect pillows suit anybody at any sleep position (on side, on stomach, on back). Pillow size is individual and depends both on person’s height and preferred sleeping pose.

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