Comfort Cool

Comfort Cool

Height: 50 mm. Following heights available upon Client’s request: from 40 up to 100 mm.
Length: 1900/2000 mm
Width: any width possible (to be specified by the Client)
Composition: LR4509 PG
Hardness: low


Products* certified in accordance with European foams safety standards CertiPUR® * Foams produced at
Roshal and Saint Petersburg factories.

Topper (or thin mattress) is used to provide additional comfort to a bed or to adjust hardness level.

Topper Comfort Cool made of unique foam which combines both memory and thermoregulation effect. Memory effect ensures perfect adaption to body curves, reduces the base return-pressure (pressure from mattress or from couch) on body, blood veins and joints.

Cooling gel insertions inside foam ensure withdrawal of excessive heat off human body.
We recommend using Comfort Cool Topper if your mattress is too hard and you feel redundant pressure, which reveals itself as neck and lumbar spine pain.

Topper can be used both as a comfort layer in a mattress and as a mattress for a couch which is used as a bed.

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