Single-layer mattress cores

PU-foam is one of the most comfortable mattress cores.

Wide range of foams produced by FoamLine has allowed to design several collections single-layer mattress cores.

Поролон для матрасов и подушек однослойный

Multi-layer mattress core

Modern manufacturing technologies make it possible to produce numerous types of PU-foam with different properties. Combining several foams with different technical properties allows creating a multi-layer mattress core with maximum comfort properties possible today.

FoamLine experts have tested many foam combinations and discovered few most comfortable ones, which then were used as a basis for a multi-layer mattress cores design.

Поролон для матрасов и подушек многослойный

Cores for kids’ mattresses

Healthy spine and joints are very important. To ensure child’s comfortable sleep and correct posture furniture manufacturers should pay special attention to the quality of kids’ mattresses.


Thin mattress or toppers allow solving lots of issues related to providing a bed with additional comfort properties and individuality. Topper can be used either as an additional comfort layer in mattress or as a couch mattress.

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